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Standard Locations
• K-PAK® Shelf Cartons • Duraloy® 7 Series Aluminum or Iron Conduit Bodies • Duraloy® 8 Series Iron Conduit Bodies
• O Series / Duraloy® 5 Series Aluminum or Malleable Iron Conduit Bodies • CO & Two Series Aluminum Conduit Bodies • MO/MOL/NECLB Series Aluminum or Iron Mogul Conduit Bodies
• SLB/SLBM/SOLB/MLB Series Service Entrance • WH Series Conduit Hubs • CL/CLM/TWCL Series Pulling Elbow, Duct Seal
• FB/STFB Series Service Entrance • F Series Covers, Accessories • F Series Cast Device Boxes
• FSQ/FDQ Series Custom Drilled & Tapped Device Boxes • VJ Series Outlet Boxes  
Hazardous Locations
• ENY/EY/EYS/EYD Series Sealing Fittings • ENY/EY/EYS/EYD Sealing Materials • ENY40/EYD40 Series 40% Fill Sealing Fittings
• GEB/GE Series Aluminum and Iron Outlet Bodies • GR Series Outlet Bodies • X/XALB Series Conduit Bodies
• JL/JAL Series Outlet B • GU/UN Series Unions • UNF/UNY Series Expansion Conduit Unions
• PLUG/CUP/AN Series Threaded Insert Plugs, Rigid Conduit Nipples • KDB/KB Series Drains and Breathers, Flame Arrestors • R/RE/ADUP Series Reducing Bushings and Adapters
• ELBOWS • ECF/EKJ Series Bronze Flexible Couplings • EY Series Drain Seals
Connectors - Standard / Hazardous Locations
• K Series Liquidtight Connectors • Z Series Aluminum Cord Connectors • Z Increased Safety Cord Connectors
• CTCA Series Connectors for Tray Cable • CMCA/MC Series Metal Clad Cable Connectors • CMCXA/MCX Series Hazardous Location Metal Clad Cable Connectors
• ZHLN Series Increased Safety Locknuts • PCC/ECC/RACC Series Conduit Clamps
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Incandescant Fixtures
• NV2 Series Class I, Div.2; NEMA 4X • V Series Standard Location • V Series Class I, Div. 2; NEMA 4
• V Series Accessories, Dimensions • DV Series DV Dust Ignition Proof • NVPI Series Wet Locations Class II, Div. 2 Non-Metallic/Non-Glass
• EMI Series Hazardous Location NEMA 4X Groups C,D 60-300Watt Incandescent • E Series/H Series Hazardous Location Groups A,B 200-300 Watt Incandescent • H Series Replacement Parts
• XHL Series Hazardous Location Handlamps 100 Watt Incandescent
Compact Fluorescent
• NV2F Series 13-42 Watt Quad-Pin • NVPF Series 13-26 Watt Class II, Div. 2 Non-Metallic/Non-Glass • MBF Series 13-39 Watt for Standard & Certain Hazardous Locations
• MBF Series Accessories • VQ1F/VQ2F Series (Replaces VBF/VQF) 13-84 Watt for Standard & Certain Hazardous Locations • EBF/EQF Series 13-84 Watt for Hazardous Locations
• XHLF Series Hazardous Location Handlamps 26 Watt Fluorescent • NWPFN Series Surface Mount Non-Metallic/Non-Glass 13-26 Watt • EBF/EQF Series 13-84 Watt for Hazardous Locations
HID and Induction Fixtures
• MB Series • CertiLite V Series • CertiLite V Induction
• EZ Series • EM Series  
LED Fixtures
• CertiLite MBL Series • CertiLite VM1L Series • HostileLite EML Series-Explosion-Proof LED CLI, Div.1, CL II, Div. 1, N4X
• EnviroRite NVSL Series LED Signals CLI, Div.2, CL II, Div. 1, N4X Non-Metallic, Non-Glass  
Linear Fluorescent
• DBF Series Fluorescent Class l, Div. 2 • LinearLite LZ2S Series Fluorescent Stainless Steel • LinearLite LZ2N Series Fluorescent Non-Metallic Class I, Div. 2 Class II, Div. I
• HFX-T Series BIAXIAL Fluorescent Class I, Div. I • HFX Series Hazardous Location- Paint spray suitable • Emergency Backed Models
Floodlights and Wall Mount Fixtures
• KWP Series Wallpack for Class I, Div. 2 & N4 • QL Quartz Floods • KF Series Floods Aluminum Class I, Div. 2 Marine N4 150 to 1000 Watt
• KF-SS MariGard stainless Class I, Div. 2 Marine N4 150-400 Watt • EM/DM Portable Floods • EZ-T Trunnion
Emergency Signaling Strobe Lighting
• ESX Strobe Class I, Div. 1 •NVSL/NVSZ LED and XENON Non-Metallic, Non-Glass
Emergency Lighting - Battery Backed
• DE3B/DE4B • VE3B/VE4B VE3Q/VE4Q Class I, Div. 2/N4 Class ll/N4 • EEQ Class I, Div. 1
• EBB Class I, D1/N3 Halogen Lamps
Battery Option Fluorescent
• DBFE Linear Fluorescent Class I, D2/N4 • LZ2NE/LZ2SE (FRP or SS) Class I, Div. 2 Class II, Div. 2 • HFXE Class I, Div. 1
Fixture Hangers and Adapters
• V Series Fixture Hangers • HXB & XFH • EKJ Series Flexible Couplings
• JL & JAL • ENY-2SET Pendant Seals • VMCHVM Adapter
• EAC Adapters
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